Pioneer SC-LX 86 AV Receiver: Good sound and packed with features

By Dick Tan

Pioneer’s departure from the plasma display business some years back was undoubtedly bemoaned by videophiles everywhere.  But for audiophiles,  that left Pioneer the time as well as the resources to concentrate on what it does  just as well – making great  sounding amplifiers  in  two or multichannel designs.


Replacing the well received (most Pioneer high-end AVRs are!) SC-LX85, the SC-LX86 sports an almost identical look and is similarly well built and  solidly constructed, weighing in at almost 40lbs, one of the heaviest AVRs in its class.  Where it comes to quality, weight is often a great indicator.


As with the SC-LX85 the SC-LX 86 is packed to the gills with online playback features and a comprehensive range of hi-res music  files.  It is also  Airplay compatible.


A 9.2 channel design the SC-LX86 is rated at 140 watts per channel into a nominal 8 ohms impedance across all channels.  To remain cool while delivering all that power the SC-LC 86 utilizes Direct Energy HD Amplifiers designed around Class D amplifier technology.


Sonically tuned in conjunction with audio  engineers at London”s AIR studios the SC-LX86, as with all LX Series Pioneer receivers utilizes an advanced form of its proprietary MCACC auto audio calibration algorithm.


For those who own a varied selection of digital sources the SC-LX86 feature up to seven HDMI inputs which are 4K compatible. If you are one of the lucky handful who owns a 4K display device the SC-LX86 with scale all high-def video signals to display at a native 4K resolution.   In addition, a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) socket enables smartphone users to stream 1080p video with up to 7.1 channel HD audio resolution.


Other features of interest include a dedicated subwoofer output for second zone audio,  PQLS  technology for improved audio streaming  when used with a compatible Pioneer player, and an advanced Auto Phase Control that analyses and corrects any phase disparity for a significantly improved audio soundstage.


The SC-LX86 retail for RM9,999


For those with more modest budgets the SC-LX Series includes the SC-LX 76 at RM8,499 and the SC-LX 56 at RM4,999.

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