Compact and classy AV receiver

By Dick Tan

Slotted in the mid level of Denon”s current range of AV receivers, the AVR-2113 is everything one would expect of an up-to-date AVR.  Rated to deliver in excess of 125 watts per channel  x7 into a nominal 6 ohms impedance the AVR-2113 is more than amply endowed to drive all except the most inefficient of loudspeaker to earsplitting levels well before the advent of any distortion.

Its 6 HDMI inputs are also 4K compatible in that they will upscale any HD video signal such as that from your BluRay to full 4K (3,840 x 2160p) resolution for display in a compatible display system.

Retailing at RM3,499 the AVR-2113 also offers the much-touted Audyssey Multi EQ XT automatic audio setting for optimally matching the output of the speakers  to the room”s acoustical characteristics.

In addition to being compatible to lossless Dolby TruHD and DTS HD Master Audio high resolution soundtracks the AVR-2113 also supports extensive  network programmes and is AirPlay compliant.

Other  important features  include the use of  a  32-bit processing  digital  sound  processor,  24bit/192 khz DAC, shortest audio signal path from point to point and Direct Mechanical Ground construction where the transformer and other crucial components are directly secured  onto the solid bottom plate of the chassis to minimise possible sound degrading mechanical vibrations.

As is now what appears to be a trend among a number of AVR designs the AVR-2113 for all the performance features that it offers is surprisingly compactly built measuring only 434 x 167 x 329mm and weighing only 9.5kg.

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