JVC launches 3D HT projectors for 2013

By WL Low

JVC launched its 2013 range of 3D projectors, mostly (except the entry-level model DLA-RS46) featuring 4k upscaling, with the use of their upgraded e-shift technology, now called e-shift2. The event was held at the excellent AV Designs showroom in Rohas Perkasa, where members of the lifestyle and AV Press showed up in full force.


The whole JVC marketing team was seen there, including Mr Steven Woo of JVC Kenwood Malaysia Sdn Bhd. & Mr Takehide Sakamoto, who is MD of of the company in Malaysia.


Mr Takehide Sakamoto, MD of JVC Kenwood Malaysia Sdn Bhd. launching the 2013 range of projectors.


Mr Steven Woo wasted no time by briefing us the salient points that makes JVC 2013 projectors worthy of one”s considerations, by presenting a long feature list and finally very attractive retail prices, by 4k projector standards that is!


We were soon ushered into AV Designs” demo room 2 where the more real-world priced JVC DLA-RS48 was demo-ed in normal full HD and 4k upscaling modes, plus the immersive 3D qualities that only a big projection screen can provide. Despite being the entry-level 3D 4k model, the DLA-RS48 projected rich and vivid colours, truly high resolution pictures, with good depth and dense black quality, despite offering only 50,000:1 native ratio! Sometimes technical specifications can be deceiving indeed.


Mr Steven Woo presenting the technical briefing and specifications session.


All smiles for the photo session.


A closer look at the JVC DLA-RS66 projector, priced at RM$39,999 each.


A closer took at the accompanying 3D active glasses, which are said to reduce cross talk, resulting in less flickering sensation when viewing movies, causing less fatigue in the long term.


We were than moved to the big boy AV designs demo room 1, where all the best AV gear your $$$ can buy is on demo. Here, we were treated to the state-of-the-art JVC DLA-RS66 (with 130,000:1 native contrast ratio!) projector partnered with state-of-the- art Bryston amps and PMC speakers. Every time I come in to this room, I never wanna leave!


In true Malaysian style, the event ended with a Q&A session, followed by a healthy serving of F&B!


See for yourself to be impressed by the latest range of JVC 3D projectors.


Do contact James or Tony at AV Designs at 03-21712828 for enquiries or demo appointment.

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  1. Cory,To do this test with another sceern material would require a whole sceern which I do not have. Screen gain will help with side reflections, but it is less helpful with the wall behind the projector. The closer and more reflective this wall is the greater the problem.Using a retroreflector adds another problem in that some projectors have much higher ANSI contrast with lens shift than without. One of these are the JVC DILA products.

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