Parasound CD1 is a mere 16-bit CD player

By WL Low


Parasound CD1 has arrived at these shores! It’s now on demo at Centre Circle Audio’s Taman Tun showroom. In an age where almost all CD players universally provide digital inputs to access its DAC for computer audio, Parasound chooses not to do so, by stating clearly that this is a 16-bit CD only player, with no regard whatsoever for computer audio which is in vogue! Talk about bucking the trend.

The back panel with the usual digital and analog outputs.


Once you looking inside however, which Parasound is very proud to show, you get another surprise, it”s actually made from a dedicated Linux only Intel based computer board, with switching power supplies for the computer section and CD-ROM transport. Parasound adds an R-Core transformer to power its bespoke DAC and analog output sections, which allows for balanced (XLR) and single ended(RCA) connections. In summary, the CD1 is built very much like a digital media player, yet stubbornly plays only 16/44.1 resolution CDs.

The internal view, note the switching power supply for the Intel based computer board, plus CD-ROM for transport! Then add the R-Core transformer and power supply regulator board(lower right) and its bespoke DAC and analog audio output board (upper left), all in a compartmentalised casing, to minimise resonant and provide shielding for various sensitive sections of the CD player! Some one put a lot of unconventional thought in to designing this CD only player!


Indeed, the Parasound CD1 is so full of surprises, I am wondering how it sounds? If you’re wondering the same, then head on to Centre Circle Audio for an audition, and find out for your self!


Contact Sky, or Nelson at 03-77282686 for appointment or enquiries.

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