Bryston Model T Mini speakers are in town too

By Lam Seng Fatt


Those who turned up for the launch of the Bryston Model T speakers at the AV Designs showroom in Kuala Lumpur last week were too engrossed with listening to the impressive speakers to notice their “little brother” near the entrance. The Model T Mini has also arrived in Malaysia.


James Tan and Tony Low were too busy demo-ing the Model T, and chances are they will still try to sell you the floorstanders, but from reports coming in from abroad, the Minis are quite remarkable too.


How many three-way standmounts are there in the market anyway? I can only think of the Spendor SP1/2R² and the SP100R² and the PMC IB2i and MB2i.


I suggest you wait a while for the buzz about the Model T to die down and then ask James to set up the Model T Mini for an audition.


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  1. In fact, I like the Model T Mini a lot. I like it’s superb top to bottom coherence, which the bigger, badder T just doesn’t quite match.

    However, the big boy T dives lower, kicks harder at the bottom end and certainly has the ability to play louder too.

    Just my 2 cents.

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