KLIAVS 2013: BENQ to showcase its top-range W1500 wireless HDMI projector

By Dick Tan


At the coming KL International AV Show 2013 this July 5-7, BENQ will be fielding a series of home entertainment projectors that will include its top of the range W1500 single chip DLP projector.


Big screen movie buffs who abhor long running cables but crave high performance, high def pictures will welcome the W1500 for it’s one of the handful of home theatre projectors that offers wireless HDMI connections. In short the W1500, claims BENQ, offers all the benefits of a full HD 1080p picture without the HDMI cables required to attain them.


Presumably, the wireless HDMI feature would involve the use of a transmitter box and the programme source such as a BluRay player or satellite receiver is connected to it. That box would then wirelessly transmit the signals to a HDMI wireless receiver built in the projector. Voila, no wires ! And if your projector has to be positioned some distance from the programme source, you can imagine the savings in cable cost.


Featuring a 1080p full HD native resolution, the W1500 is a single chip DLP device that is also 3D capable. Other key highlights include a bright 2200 Lumens light output and a 10,000.1 contrast ratio.


Reflecting its high performance video pedigree, the W1500 also offers ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification. Strangely enough though, as far as serious videophiles are concerned, the W1500 comes with a built-in 10 watts sound system.


It is hard, nay, impossible to imagine any videophile watching a big epic movie on his projection system and not have the sound routed to an external AV sound system. Unless of course, the big picture videophile is also an avid traveler who must lug his projector with him each time he hits the road! With a projector of this caliber the money spent on the built-in speakers would have been better used on, say, improving the optics. The W1500 retails for RM8,499.


Also on display jwill be the W1080ST. According to Henry Wong, Business Development Manager of 3Wired, the main retail outlet for BENQ home theatre projectors, the W1080 ST, as its last initials suggest, is an extremely short throw projector.


“This projector, while designed to perform admirably in a conventional home theatre set-up will truly come alive when used in a room of modest dimensions where its 1.2:1 short throw lens is capable of projecting an image of up 120” diagonal at a distance of only 6 ft. So, if you are a gamer with a penchant for the big picture but confined to a compact room the WT1080ST is the projector for you,” says Wong. The W1080ST retails for RM5,499.


For further details contact : 3Wired Sdn Bhd  Tel: 03 78038716


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