Rega’s exciting RP10 and top-secret Naiad turntables

By Lam Seng Fatt


The buzz in the past two weeks has been about a visit that hi-fi writer Chris Martens and photographer Alan Sircom made to the Rega factory and Rega founder/owner Roy Gandy”s house which was reported in



The buzz is about two turntables that they saw – the Rega RP10 which will be launched soon and the hitherto top-secret Rega Naiad, which could very well be the 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition turntable that Roy talked about when he met Malaysian hi-fi bloggers in August last year (See



The RP10 looks like the RP8 in that it has a plinth within a plinth with a skeletal plinth fitted into an outer plinth. However, its platter is ceramic like the one used in the P9 and the tonearm is a higher-quality RB1000.


Rega RP10 sub-platter



The Rega Naiad takes the skeletal concept to the limit and the skeletal plinth looks like it”s made of carbon fibre. The spindle and holder are made from zirconium oxide.


Rega Naiad, platter and mat.


The skeletal plinth of the Rega Naiad.


Another view of the skeletal plinth of the Rega Naiad.


The zirconium oxide bearing assembly of the Rega Naiad.




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