KLIAVS 2014, Final Audio Design Earphone Assembly

Article by WL Low


Our breakfast for the 1st day of KLIAV 2014, presented by Jaben Audio


I wish to start this post with an apology. I promised many that I shall have all the sexy show babe pics up, but something unfortunate happened along the way and I found all my picture files missing from my camera!!! Which is a pity, because this year’s show babes featured many-many grade A stuff! I remember vividly every guy queuing at the Oppo stall on the pretext of testing the headphones. And those lovely JVC girls are quite unforgettable too. Plus who could miss those friendly BIK Karaoke girls???


Now if any one of you readers have high quality pictures of all those babes, please send them to me at [email protected] so that I can share them here. Back to the main topic here, we reviewers are sometimes a privileged bunch. Such as the time when the kind folks at Jaben Audio(a.k.a. The Little Headphone Shop), invited us over to the launch of of their Calyx and Final Audio Design launch event.


We were invited to a earphone assembly session, supervised by non other than, Jojo Hiramatsu The Export Sales Manager at Final Audio Design. We arrived at our tables presented with a plate of earphone assembly kit as our breakfast. We were then each given an instruction manual on the assembly work.


Lam Seng Fatt giving a “blow job!” Ha! Ha! He was trying to blow dry the glue so that he could finish building his Final Audio Design earphone kit faster!


I now know that each earphone we buy from Final Audio Design is hand assembled at their Philippines factory. Each earphone assembly kit is carefully built by joining many-many small sensitive parts together with the judicious amount of glue used, I said this because use too little, the parts will not stick properly and fall off after a while, too much glue and you end up covering all or partially the micro vents and sound chambers that enable the earphone’s sound tuning and result in final result, or worst, no sound on one, or both sides. Good eye sight is also a pre-requisite. Overall, it took us almost two hours to complete the whole exercise, while Jojo says the girls in the factory can build and test a set of headphones in less than half an hour!


The finished article


I put on the complete pride and joy of my on handiwork and experienced glorious sound from the pair of in ear design earphones. Bold, gutsy, articulate bass with excellent vocal clarity and refined highs makes a highly musical sonic experience for those on the move. For a small Balanced Armature Design, it can handle very loud volumes from my iPhone 5 music files(MP3). Jaben Audio has very thoughtfully allowed us to keep and enjoy our very own handiwork with thanks.


Next, I shall write about that “Golden Ear” challenge, presented by www.AV2Day.com


Article by WL Low

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