Dolby Atmos, Now On Demo At AV Designs

Article by WL Low


The new era in surround sound, Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos, the next revolution in surround sound processing, is here now! Until now, I’ve always adopted a lackadaisical attitude towards another surround decoding format designed to sell more speakers. Who can blame me after Dolby Tru HD 5.1, 7.1 and 9.2?


Dolby Atmos however, promises a new standard in surround sound performance for videophiles looking to experience more immersion and punch from movie sound tracks. I was invited to attend AV Designs unveiling of their Dolby Atmos equipped surround demo room(quite possibly the first in Malaysia), with James Tan and Mike Picanza(PMC International Sales Manager, Asia Pacific)at hand ot officiate the occasion.


Mike Picanza points to the ceiling mounted PMC Waffle speaker, configured for Dolby Atmos


Mike and James Tan(AV Designs boss)


Dolby Atmos works by accommodating extra 2,4 or 6 ceiling or up wards firing speakers(depending on room size, and surround configuration) for a more immersing and enveloping effect to movie surround experience. The decoding algorithm is recalibrated to accommodate the new speaker configuration.


To enter the Dolby Atmos world, one will need to purchase new ceiling mount or upward firing speakers, and a new AV receiver equipped with the said surround decoder. Unfortunately, older DTS or Dolby True HD surround equipped receivers will have to be made redundant, as they are most likely not upgradable,


Top of the line Pioneer LX-88 AV receiver is the heart of the Dolby Atmos system. The AV System,also comprising of Oppo Bluray player, JVC D-ila projector and full line of PMC Twenty series speakers   


AV Designs demo-ed their 2 ceiling speaker configured Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 system using the official Dolby Atmos trailer, music videos, and clips from movies like Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction and Expendables 3, the Dolby Atmos effect could at once be described as subtle during the quiet scenes but at same time dramatically immersing and enveloping during action scenes. Going back to Dolby True HD post Atmos, I was made aware that the were gaping holes in the surround sound field. There was also a disconnect between the front and surround speakers. With the Dolby Atmos, the front to back or vice versa surround effect became very more effortless and seamless. The experience is quite simply mind blowing and once experienced, I am sure you’d want it too, like I very much do.


There are currently more than 150 movie titles that come decoded with Dolby Atmos, along with some older favourites like Gravity are to be re-mastered as such. More new movies will be Dolby Atmos encoded as we go along. The new era of immersive surround sound experience has just begun, and you can now have it in your very own home!


For demo appointment, please contact James or Tony of AV Designs at 03-21712828.


Article by WL Low

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