Pioneer SC-LX88 AV Receiver & BDP-LX88 Blu-ray Player Is Here!

Article by WL Low



Folks who demand only the best performance from their AV system, the wait is over for the arrival of the brand new top of the line Pioneer LX series AV Receivers and Blu-ray players. While I was treated to a whole new possible level of sound & visual experience courtesy of Dolby Atmos at the AV Designs showroom, I must mention that the main components responsible for the high level performance of the show were the new Pioneer LX series.


Let’s start with the SC-LX88 AV receiver.



With this flagship AV receiver you will experience all your favourite films and music exactly as the creators intended. The SC-LX88 features only high-end components, each rigorously calibrated and professionally tuned by the legendary Air Studios, to bring studio quality sound right into your living room.


Especially for audiophiles, we equipped the SC-LX88 with a SABRE 32bit Ultra DAC and a powerful Class D Amplifier. Together, they reproduce music with unsurpassed fidelity, up to 220 watts per output channel.


Unique to this AV receiver is the asynchronous USB-DAC, which allows a direct USB connection for your Mac or PC, supporting Native DSD and 192 kHz/32-bit audio content.


The cherry on the cake is the newest surround sound technology: Dolby Atmos. The SC-LX88 allows you to place overhead speakers for a multi-layered, dynamic, and three-dimensional sound that is completely in sync with the screen view, providing total immersion with unprecedented sound localisation and movement.


The SC-LX88 is available in Black (SC-LX88-K).


Now we get to the BDP-LX88 Blu-ray player.



Get the ultimate home cinema experience with the BDP-LX88. This universal Blu-ray player puts all the right cards on the table: it plays back content on 3D Blu-ray Discs, DVD, CD, SACD and DVD-Audio discs, reproducing reference quality audio and video. And thanks to its 4K upscaling capabilities (up to 60p), it lets you enjoy all video content in 4K quality, no matter the source.


Via LAN, you get access to advanced networking features such as BD-Live and DLNA. Enjoy YouTube clips, Picasa photo albums, or stream videos and music stored on your computer, media server or mobile device.


The BDP-LX88 is available in Black (BDP-LX88-K).


The less ostentatious Pioneer SC-LX58 AV Receiver & BDP-LX58 Blu-ray Player is also available at AV Designs and from all authorised Pioneer retailers.


Article by WL Low

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