25 Years of 3LCD with Epson

Article by Venoth Nair


Epson’s latest Large-scale venue projector offering, the EB-Z9000/11000 Series



Celebrating 25 years since the conception of 3LCD technology used in their projectors, Epson recently threw a big event to showcase their current range of the CB-2 Series of super bright projectors targeted at large-scale venues.


The first thing that grabs your attention is the large 28 foot screen that spans the main function area, displaying images and videos of beautiful cityscapes. This was the first pop in a long chain of visual treats set up by Epson to highlight the versatility of its flagship projectors. The clarity of the image displayed in broad daylight was testament to Epson’s performance when it came to high brightness projection.


General Manager for Sales & Marketing of Epson Malaysia, Mr. Danny Lee officiated the showcase with the help of Mr. Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager, Epson Malaysia.


The 3 products in focus are all from Epson’s business range with the front runner being the versatile heavy hitter, the EB-Z9000/11000 Series with its class leading brightness and superior flexibility. Also on hand was Epson’s EB 1400 series which allows users to interact with the projected images performing on the spot edits and tweaks to the image displayed, great for live presentations.


General Manager of Sales & Marketing, Danny Lee addresses the audience



The third is the EB1970/80 series which offers superb WUXGA resolution as well as built in wireless operation allowing it to communicate with a multitude of devices. This projector is additionally equipped with a moderator function allowing it to display four different screens while being able to toggle between 50 PC’s depending on what the user wishes to display.


So what does all this mean for the AV user you ask? Well the technology employed in the business projector range will be a guideline of sorts for what we can expect in upcoming home cinema projectors. High brightness and mounting flexibility is important to the AV enthusiast with qualities such as reliability, heat management and connectivity adding more bite to an already well accomplished projector.


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Article by Venoth Nair

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