KLIAVS: 2015 Peiju Lien Pipa Performance

Article by WL Low


PP1010303eiju Lien, a Taiwanese born artist who specializes in the art of Pipa(a classical Chinese string instrument) performance, is a recording artist signed to MA Recordings. Here at the recent KLIAVS 2015 to promote her latest album “Whisper”, she gave a half hour of mesmerising performance. Peiju Lien gave a glimpse of her skill at coaxing the wide dynamic contrast and various tone, harmonics and texture from the Pipa. I was transfixed needless to say.

For all those who were present and bought a copy of her latest CD, which she autographed at request. A big thanks you to Todd Garfinkel and 3 Dot Events(KLIAVS 2015 organisers) who made this possible.

P1010295 P1010297

Article by WL Low

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