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By Venoth Nair

The 302 in my favourite colour, the Espresso
The 302 in my favourite colour, Espresso

HECO might sound like a brand new name in the world of audio but in actuality the Speaker producer has been around for more than 66 years. HECO which hails from the engineering capital of the world, Germany, has even developed various technologies in its pursuit of a perfectly balanced, transparent and dynamic sound.  HECO’s Victa Prime series is a culmination of the companies design philosophies and technologies which has been brought together to develop an entry level range that delivers superior performance using cost effective materials.


The Victa Prime 302 is the larger of the two available bookshelf in the range, which has the complete complement of speakers for those looking to either go hifi or full-blown home cinema. The 302 is a two way design speaker with rather large dimensions by the usual standards these days, standing tall at a height of 347 mm, with a depth and width of 315 mm and 203 mm respectively. The HECO though large in dimensions appears rather svelte in its build due to a cleverly designed cabinet which has rounded edges. The rounded edges which is primarily for the reduction of resonance, doubles as a great little aesthetic feature keeping the cabinet looking current and sleek.


The fascia of the cabinet houses the stars of the 302 which is its 25 mm silk dome tweeter with ferrofluid, to keep it cool, paired to HECO’s tried and tested 170 mm long-fiber Kraft paper cones bass driver. The magic behind the Kraft paper cone is its superior stability which keeps it from distorting easily, resulting in great sound output. The 302 is a very efficient speaker with a sensitivity of 90db which means amplifier pairing will be as easy as plug and play. The HECO is able to work with amplifiers with a power range from 30 watts all the way up to 150 watts.


The HECO bass driver delivers incredibly rich and extended bass
The HECO bass driver delivers incredibly rich and extended bass

The tweeter is mounted in a slight recess to help improve the dispersion of sound
The tweeter is mounted in a slight recess to help improve the dispersion of sound

The speaker comes in three different cabinet surface finishes called Espresso, Cognac and Black for a little flexibility when it comes to matching it with your home décor. The speaker drivers have a rather tough looking basket cover, which comes in a brushed finish giving a metallic appearance though they are actually made of plastic. It’s a nice touch that adds a unique character to the speaker. The attention to detail also applies to the back of the speaker where the rather large bass port is also given the same finish for its port cover material. Below the large port is where you will find the connections for the speaker which are solid 4 way binding posts  allowing  the speaker to either be bi-wired or bi-amped.


When looking at the build and design of the HECO Victa Prime 302, it’s obvious that this speaker was built to deliver some pretty deep bass. This is definitely what the 302 did when hooked up and fired up with some test sample music.  The bass is full yet taut and felt with a force usually not associated with bookshelf speakers,  while the high frequencies are smooth in nature with a little less bite then the bass department.


The 302 is designed to be used in a big room, and these speakers require a lot of breathing space so that bass doesn’t become overbearing and take over the entire range. Care in placement and solid stands will help to keep things under control. Due to the speakers slightly sedated high frequencies, pairing with bright components can help sweeten up the top end should you require more sparkle in the treble department. Either way the speakers humble power requirements and flexible connectivity gives the speakers a lot of room to grow should you wish to step things up in future.


The fun, exciting nature of the sound means that it will easily please most listeners while the high efficiency will make pairing it with amplifiers an absolute dream. If you’re in the market for a new entry-level bookshelf, give the Prima 302 a serious hearing.  The wife friendly looks and fun sound may just be what you need to satisfy your budget cravings. The HECO Victa Prime retails for RM1, 899 per pair and can be auditioned at the coming KL International AV Show 2016 from 22 -24 July at the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


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By Venoth Nair

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