KL International AV Show turns 25 this year

Chairman of the KLIAVS 2018 organising committee Dick Tan (centre) revealing what to expect in this year's show.
Chairman of the KLIAVS 2018 organising committee Dick Tan (centre) revealing what to expect in this year’s show.


By Lam Seng Fatt


The Kuala Lumpur International AV Show, which turns 25 this year, is one of the longest-running AV shows in the world.


It has managed to stay relevant in the face of changing trends in the audio-visual business where new technologies become obsolete very quickly.


When it was first held in 1994, LPs and turntables had already been kept in boxes and left in storerooms while CDs and CD players were the rage. Now, things have gone a full circle and CDs and CD players are trending downwards while LPs are spinning once more in the Vinyl Revival.


In the AV sector, the VCD was invented just a year before the first KL International AV Show was held. To show just how far AV technology has progressed, this year’s show will feature the latest in UHD 4K technology.


Chairman of the organising committee of the show, Dick Tan, said: “It is undoubtedly the longest-running AV show in the ASEAN region and I was informed, although there was no way to verify the fact, that it is the third longest-running AV show in the world.”


He was speaking at the media launch of the event at the Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.


“From a technology point of view, this year will see the maturation of 4K UHD technology as the availability of 4K UHD Bluray discs grows. That fact alone will undoubtedly fuel the already fast developing 4K display market in both the UHDTV and UHD projection sector. Equally important is the recent surge of availability of sub-RM7,000 4K projectors that firmly placed UHD projectors in the crucial middle mass market. You will see TVs, projectors and UHD 4K players with the proper 4K specs,” he said.


Those who attended the media luanch included exhibitors and audiophiles.
Those who attended the media launch included exhibitors and audiophiles. At extreme right on the front¬† row is Jo Ki who will be producing the show’s Commemorative CD.


Dick added that it will be the second year that the KL International AV Show is held at Sunway Putra Hotel.


“As many of you will know our first attempt last year at the Sunway Putra Hotel came off with an unqualified level of success that surprised and pleased not only us but also most from the AV industry, the visitors as well as the hotel staff.


“The inevitable feedback that came to us from the members of the AV industry was that the crucial logistics of moving in to the hotel was easier to manage, seeing that there are essentially only two levels of exhibit space involved. Compare this to the five levels of the JW Marriott hotel (the previous venue). Happily and crucially the same sentiment was expressed by the visitors to the show.


“As such for this year, exhibitors and visitors alike will be able to experience the same, if not higher level of convenience as far as the hotel’s and organiser’s level of services are concerned,” he said.


Dick also announced that all paying visitors will receive the seventh edition of the show’s limited edition Commemorative CD which will be produced by LS3/5A guru Jo Ki.


The media launch was attended by a large group of exhibitors, media personnel and audiophiles.


Following a lucky draw featuring prizes ranging from headphones to 4K Bluray disks, the guests were treated to refreshments.



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