DEMO SESSION: Listen to a half-million ringgit TAD sound system

Over at AV Designs in Kuala Lumpur is an all-TAD system that costs about RM500,000. The system comprises the D600 CD player, C2000 pre-amp, M2500 power amp and the CR1 Mk 2 speakers.


These items are on offer at up to 50% off. The system will be on demo for a few more days because AV Designs has received its first shipment of Mark Levinson amplifiers and JBL speakers (read AV Designs to sell Mark Levinson, Revel and JBL products) and these will be set up soon to replace the TAD system.


I went to AV Designs today to record the TAD system for the benefit of audiophiles living far from Kuala Lumpur who may not have the chance to listen to such a grand system. Please enjoy these videos. They sound better with good headphones/IEMs and USB DAC.


Recorded with a Rode Stereo Videomic Pro with a Canon EOS750D camera. Full HD recording converted to 720p. – Posted by Lam Seng Fatt




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