Introducing the HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport

The HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport has a very wide LCD touch screen.

Centre Circle Audio Visual hosted a demo session yesterday to launch the new HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport, which looks like an exciting product.

A system comprising the HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport, Aries Cerat Kassandra DAC, Plinium Ares preamp and Plinium Hercules monoblocks driving the Kharma Grand Exquisite speakers was set up for the demo session.

The Aries Cerat Kassandra DAC.
The Pilium Ares preamp.
The great-sounding demo system featuring the Plinium Hercules monoblocks and the Kharma Grand Exquisite speakers.

A steady stream of audiophiles turned up to be treated to great music and some snacks and coffee.

The HiFi Rose RS130 is an interesting product as it offers Fiber Optic Ethernet and Fiber Optic USB. The Fiber Optic Ethernet is like the input featured in some Lumin streamers and streamer/DAC/preamps while the Fiber Optic USB is somewhat like the feature offered by MSB Technology DACs.

It does not have an ethernet RJ45 input but it offers an SFP module adapter to which you can plug the copper ethernet cable if you have not set up an ethernet to optical converter system. During the demo session, a copper ethernet cable was used.

The sound quality was detailed and punchy with a huge soundstage. All the components were top class which goes to show that the HiFi Rose RS130, which is relatively affordable, is not out of place in a system costing more than a million ringgit.

Give Centre Circle a call and fix an appointment for a demo session.

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