Pioneer launches AV Class D in-car power amps

By Dick Tan


Is in-car audio part of home entertainment? Strictly speaking no, but who’s to say that home entertainment can”t be taken on the road?


We would prefer to see it as a extension of home entertainment. I listen to music and watch movies at home. My AV system in my car can do the same – see what I mean?


For those who agree, Pioneer recently launched a series of sophisticated Class D amplifiers that it says is designed to provide a more efficient and higher level of high performance power output.


The new Class D power amp series consists of three models, the four channel GM-D8604. and the D9601 and the GM – D8601 mono designs.


According to Raymond Lee, General Manager of Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. the GM-D power amplifiers reflect the state-of-the art amplification technology that allows highly refined amplification performance to be built into compact enclosures.


“The compactness of the GM-D power amplifiers allows them to be installed in tight spaces where previously, due to the size of high performance power amplifiers, it was not possible ” says Lee, who adds that Pioneer’s extensive R & D into high performance digital amplification technology has allowed it to produce truly compact amplifiers that can produce the same, if not improved output as more conventional amplifiers that are often easily twice the size of the Pioneer GM-D amplifiers.


For audiophiles who are interested, the GM-D power amplifiers are capable of producing up to 150 watts x 4, 1,200 watts mono and 800 watts mono respectively and they are able to produce all those power even at a 1 ohm impedance level.


According to Pioneer the GM-D amplifiers are fitted with its proprietary Protection Control Systems which it says is designed to sense the internal temperatures of the amplifiers and automatically adjust the input level to avoid potentially damaging overloads.


Although designed to optimally drive any high performance full range speakers the GM-D power amplifiers because of their efficient high power delivery capability are particularly ideal power house for driving subwoofers.


Retail price is RM1,399, RM1,399 and RM1,299 respectively.

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