Samsung joins the ‘big boys’ with 75″ TV

By Dick Tan


The march towards mega big digital flatscreen TVs appears to remain unabated with Samsung joining the fray with its recently introduced 75″ wide UE75ES9000 LCD backlit LED TV.


Regarded as one of the most automated TV to hit the market the UE75ES9000 is said to be able to response to voice and motion commands to access functions such as turning on/off, channel change, accessing of apps and web navigation.


Needless to say, a TV of this calibre provides extensive on-line entertainment and programme access.


For the videophile who regards the UE75ES9000 as a extra large digital HD screen this top of the range Samsung LCD/LED TV feature a full 1920 x 1080p native resolution with 3D capability.


For a digital flatscreen of this size and ultra slim dimensions the bezel, at 0.31 inch is almost non-existent if not for its rose gold finish that serves to remind that, inspite of its seamless borders there is bezel after all to hold the large screen in. To be sure, if you intend to wall mount this screen take into serious consideration its 44kg weight !


In addition to its size Samsung claims that the UE75ES9000 is engineered for extreme visual performance to produce the deepest black levels possible. A true black, not some dark shade of grey, holds the key to true videophile performance.


To help achieved its deep black level goal, the UE75ES9000 features its proprietary form of direct LED backlights that uses what Samsung terms as Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black technology. As a result the company says the UE75ES9000 has one of the darkest blacks and contrast ratio in an LCD/LED TV.


HD connection possibilities include 3 HDMI 1.4 sockets and 3 USB. The three HDMI inputs does not seem nearly quite enough going by the HD programme sources available today but it is quite probable that Samsung has taken into consideration that owners of such a large high performance digital flatscreen would most likely be used in a home entertainment system that would include a modern AV receiver where at least 6 uptodate HDMI input switches would be available.


The cost for this slice of big screen heaven? RM39,999

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