J. River music player for Mac OS now available

By Lam Seng Fatt


For those who are into CAS, but own a Mac laptop and have been using only iTunes to play their hi-res music files, take note that you now can use the highly-acclaimed J River music player.


Alpha versions are available and recent versions from V 18.0.156 and above are usable.


J River’s website states: “It is still not perfect. Expect a few bugs and missing features. Fixes are coming. The sound quality will be excellent.


“Early builds are a direct port from Windows, so they look like a Windows program. We are working first on stability, second on big bugs, and third on making the program look more Mac-like.


“This version (18) will not include video. The first builds are audio only, and some features are still unavailable. A few may never be available. When the feature set is more complete, we expect to add images, but this may not be a free upgrade. Video support will take longer, perhaps as much as a year. Media Network features are now working.


“Our goal is for MC Mac Version 18 to provide an audio experience that delivers cutting-edge thinking across a range of disciplines. is equal to that of the Windows version.”


In March, the cost of a license was US$29.98, a 40% discount from the regular list price. This discount is our way of saying thank you for your patience while we complete the product.


The first few builds had a 30 day timeout. If a newer build is available, please download and install it.


Licensing was introduced in build 154. Previous versions don’t require a license, but will time out after 30 days.


OSX Software: OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or 10.7 (Lion). 10.6.8 may work. 10.6.7 will not.
Hardware: Intel based Mac capable of running one of the above mentioned system


It’s US$29.98 at this time (March). We expect to raise the price by $5 each month until it reaches $49.98. Do not buy it unless you”re willing to take a chance. We do not offer refunds.


While the price is discounted, there will be no additional discount offered for anyone who has previously purchased a Windows license. We will revisit this later.


For more information, click http://www.jriver.com/mac.html



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