Nu Force NE-700M head phones – great for music on the go

By WL Low

Continuing my MP3 adventures with the iPhone 5, but this time looking for something more in the audiophile level with regards to sound quality. I could go the whole hog, and get my self some proper audiophile endorsed head phones powered by a dedicated head amp, but that will be missing the point here. The whole idea of embracing MP3 is the mobility and fun factor. If I am going to be bogged down with a whole lot of equipment which will restrict my physical movement, then I might as well sit in my throne listening to proper hifi in stereo! I’d like to see how accomplished a sound quality I can get, yet still maintaining the simplicity of the iPod/iPhone with quality head phone route.

A visit to The Audio Store had Mr Aw showing me the whole range of NuForce products available to cater for the iProduct users. One particular pair of head phones, the NE-700M caught my eye, with its shiny machined, polished copper finishing which looks like it’s designed with some serious sound quality intent. I asked for a loaner pair.

The Nu Force NE-700M head phones came with a classy white printed box and a clear blister tray. Like the JVC marshmellow unit I kept earlier, the Nu Force also came with more than a pair of inverted rubber suction ear buds, to fit ear canals of various sizes. The Nu Force also had a play/pause and track remote attached to the head phone lead. A red marking indicates right side ear bud and the remaining un-marked ear bud goes to the left.

David Guetta works with a whole line-up of today’s popular vocalist and rappers. The music is mostly electronica and dance club hits. Nothing But The Beat is a very addictive album.

With my usual round of MP3 music materials, the sound from the Nu Force is outstanding, and perhaps one of the best I’ve heard coming from an in ear design. The first thing that struck me was how very quiet and isolated I was from the outside world, when without music playing, I could hear my every own breath, and heart beat (with some concentration). The bass is deeply extended, fast and tight, yet very tuneful. The mids have a flesh and bone density quality to it. The highs are extended, light and airy, with refinement quality missing from the other two head phones. I would say that this a highly un-coloured device, tonal quality wise.

Like all good audiophile quality head phones, the NuForce is image forming, right in the centre of your head, like as if the whole brain space between the ears is a sound stage! Transient and dynamics, i.e. “the jump factor” is present in full force, which makes electronica and synthesizer-based dance tracks such as those from Calvin Harris or David Guetta highly enjoyable, and very danceable, allowing one to easily follow the tune (Linn-speak for PRaT).

The Nu Force can successfully convey very fine musical nuances and emotional intent, as the artiste intended, for some soul-stirring tracks like Adele’s Skyfall single from the latest Bond movie. Without comparing with the big boy head phones, I think the Nu Force NE-700M is the finest in ear design, that’s great for lifestyle aspirations, yet great for music enjoyment on the go. And did I mention it looks and feels good in the ear too? For the outlay of a mere RM$359/pair, I think iPhone/iPod users never had it this good. I am keeping this pair of Nu Force head phones for my own MP3 enjoyment.

Nu Force is sold by Perfect HiFi (contact Andy at 03-5882169) and The Audio Store (contact Aw at 03-78872233).

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