My search for perfect sound

By LS Loo


Nearly a month ago during a new speaker launch event, I was enjoying the music when a buddy of mine, Willy, suddenly offered me the job of beiing AV2day’s guest reviewer.

My jaw was wide open and I wondered if he was serious as I had only placed my ears to my speaker, my eyes to the music gear and my heart to the music for only three years. Anyway after further consideration I think I reached the point that I got to make up my mind. What do I need for myself anyway? Finally I decided to take up the challenge of transforming my emotion in music-listening on a piece of white paper. The task is not easy to me! I won’t be able to write like those big brothers that carry great reputations with them. I have to admit I have to work hard


My source  :   Marantz CD 94 MK II ( with 1ppm servo clock and Burson opamp upgraded )

Pre amp     :   Copland CTA-10 ( with external power supply )

Power amp :   Copland CTA-504 ( Tube amp )

Speaker      :  Opera, Prima 1.5 ( Bookshelf speakers )

Sub woofer :   REL, Storm


Cabling       :  Source to pre-amp – Western Electric interconnect

                     Pre-amp to power amp – Mogami Cable interconnect

                     Power amp to speaker – Canare speaker cable


Power cord :  Source – LINEAX power cord

                     Pre-amp  HMS power cord

                     Power amp – HMS power cord

                     Sub – LINEAX power cord


Accessory   : 4KVa Balanced transformer, M5 sine wave corrector, A pair of Schumann Resonators, 1 unit of Frank Power Bank PB15000-Ws.


The sound quality flows with rich and natural notes with detail of tones, warmth and organic finishing, plus imaging with the right proportions.


My music preferences mainly cover vocals, jazz, acoustic music and othersexcept metal and hard rock ( just not my cup of tea ).


I hope I will be able to take this great opportunity to learn more and to do the best that I can. Now I’m very eager for my very first assignment.

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