KLIAV 2013 Show Offers Limited Edition Commemorative CD!

KLIAV 2013 is here!


By WL Low


The Kuala Lumpur International AV (KLIAV)show is back! It”s just 2 days away from this Friday, 05th July 2013 opening day. As with previous years, entrance fee is still only RM$10.00/person. And if you’re an early bird, a limited edition commemorative CD can be yours too, free of charge!


Now, Dick Tan, Organizing Chairman of KLIAV noted that the CDs are limited in numbers and he expects them to run out before the last show day on Sunday. So please make it a point to visit KLIAV early.

The Limited Edition commemorative CD which comes with every RM$10.00 show entry ticket.


Now, a little more information about the CD, which I managed to lay my hands on a copy. Like the last commemorative CD, this one is produced and tracks compiled by Jo Ki, of the LS3/5A fame(he has a non-profit demo room in the KLIAV show too!), who worked on last year’s CD. Jo has also taken pains to do a synopsis write up of each track, so that keen ear audiophiles know what points to look out for when listening to the CD in their own system, or when used to evaluate equipments.


The sound quality is superb too, as all the tracks in the CD is re-mastered by Alan Maher in the USA. The CD contains music sourced from the following establishments, such as Linn Records, MA Recordings, Reference Recordings, Rhymoi Music, Real Music, Fung Hang Records and Inter Global Music.


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