KLIAVS 2013: Denon DBT-1713 3D Universal Disc player offers lots of bang for the buck

By Dick Tan

Visitors to the KL International AV Show 2013 looking for a high-performance, no-nonsense Bluray Disc player that will double up as a top notch CD player should drop by the Wo Kee Hong Trading booth to check out Denon’s range of players.

Preferring to describe their range of players as universal, an account of their ability to play  virtually all known variations  of the silver disc, the Denon range comprises three models of which the DBT-1713 is the ‘baby’.

Set to retail at RM2,199 the DBT-1713 may appear more expensive compared to other mainstream BD players.  It may also appear to offer fewer  features but according to Denon the design concept for the DBT-1713 is ‘less is more’.

What this means is that the DBT-1713 eschews whatever circuitry unnecessary.  Its intention here is to build a BD deck that will sound and look its best.

In this regards the DBT-1713 is devoid of any onboard decoding, analogue and lossy digital outputs. This is  a HDMI-only player that will transmit lossless bitstream audio and video signal to an AV receiver where the decoding is performed. Why have a built-in AV decoder in the player when virtually all modern AV receivers have one?

All resources, including those saved on the omitted features  are now used to ensure a top build quality, a solid transport mechanism that will minimize resonance and the inclusion of top grade audiophile components parts.  And the DBT- 1713 certainly reflects that with its ample 434 x 108 x 296mm dimensions and the component is commensurately hefty at 5kg.

The net result?  Well, from both Bluray and CD sources, the performance is one of great visual detail with pin point sharpness and natural yet immensely saturated colour palette.

Sound is full of dynamic slam with great bass weight  and perceived extension that is at the same time detailed.

With the DBT-1713 Denon has proven, at least to me, that quality beats quantity any time of the day.


If you want something that is well made and offers a perceivable difference in performance the DBT-1713 is that machine.



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