KLIAVS 2013: Four systems from CMY

As usual CMY Audio & Visual will be one of the bigger exhibitors and the reliable dealer has lots of interesting systems for audiophiles. Take your pick, or hear them all…


Room 7018
Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature *New
Jeff Rowland Model-725 Monoblocks *New
Metronome CD-8 Signature CD Player *New
Clearaudio Innovation Turntable
Shuntaya Triton Power Distribution
System connected with new Shunyata Zitron series Power Cord & Acoustic System International Reference Speaker Cables & Interconnects. *New


Metronome CD8 Signature CD player


Room 7016
Dynaudio XEO-3 & XEO-5 wireless speakers


Room 7014
Naim Audio NDX reference series audio streamer
Naim Audio new DR Series Power Supply
Naim Audio Reference series pre & power
Proac K6 loudspeaker


Room 7012
Audiolab 8200CD Player
Audiolab 8200MB Reference Mono Bloc
Mission SX Series Speaker *New
Audiolab Q-DAC & M-PWR amp


* All rooms tuned by ASI products


4th Floor
– MS-HD UK Power Products http://www.mshdpower.com/
– Darbee Video Presence http://darbeevision.com/
– Used LPs corner with about 3,000 available.
– QED: full range with special promotions


By Darrell Huggins of Armour Electronics UK


Title: All you want to know about HDMI but were afraid to ask.
Time: 2.30pm from 5/7-7/7
Venue: AL-HALABI Private Room, lower ground floor (next to ticketing counter)




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