KLIAVS 2013: First day at the AV show

By Lam Seng Fatt


Today, the big event was the official regional launch of the Focal  Utopia Scala V2 by Jean-Philippe Fontaine of Focal at the Audio Perfectionist room.


That took place at about 5pm, and before that I made my way around the TV rooms such as the Panasonic, Sharp and Sony rooms. As usual these have the cutting-edge technologies such as 4K and LED and wireless projectors.


At the Asia Sound room, I saw the Rega RS10 speakers and also the new brands carried by the dealer such as Rogue Audio, Audiovector and Brodmann speakers.


At Wo Kee Hong, I saw the LS3/5A with matching sub-woofer and Marantz components. At the Sennheiser counter, I found out at last that I could get the foams of my HD600 headphones replaced locally and I quickly placed an order.


Soon after that, I made my way to the fourth floor where the Focal launch took place. After that I went to AV Designs room where I head the Bryston Model T on demo with all-Bryston system comprising the BP17 preamp, 28B SST2 monoblocks and the BDP-2 digital music player and the BDA-2 DAC. Next door was the all-TAD system and I spent some time there too.


Here are some photos of the KLIAVS 2013.


The world”s shortest system projection from Panasonic. Note the projector at the bottom less than a metre from the wall.


Lamp-free projection. It uses LED light.


Interactive TV for the classroom from Panasonic.


Wireless projection.


Huge LED TVs from Sharp. At right is the 90-inch monster TV.


Bargains galore at Desa Home Theatre.


New products at the Asia Sound room.


A Rogue Audio preamp at Asia Sound.


Rega RP8 turntable.


Rogers LS3/5A and sub-woofer at Wo Kee Hong’s room.


Rogers valve amps.


Chord cables at Wo Kee Hong.


The inside of a Marantz SACD player.


4K images from Sony.


Bravia 4K from Sony.


PMC’s IB2 SE speakers at AV Designs.


The all-TAD system.




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