KLIAVS 2013 sneak peek

p>By WL Low


The headlines of this year’s KLIAV show is the launch of the Focal JM Lab Utopia Scala BE V2 speakers. However, there are a few surprises lurking here and there for the keened-eyed visitor.


We at AV2Day.com, being one of KLIAV”s official media, have full access to the show, and here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from the show tomorrow. Here goes!


At 3pm today, the main foyer is still buzzing with activities, with show booth contractors rushing to complete the work in time for tomorrow morning”s official opening.


The Wo Kee Hong Electronics room is nearly ready.


A sign of things to come from CMY Audio & Visual.


The CMY 4th floor boys clocking in with smiles!


Surprise, surprise, A full TAD system with the launch of the CR1 MKII speakers. Too bad its designer Andrew Jones, who was supposed to be here to launch the speakers, had cancelled his trip due to heath reasons. The other surprise is – note that silver box in the back ground. It”s Bryston’s B.I.T. power conditioner, making its local debut too.


Jo says, “I’ll step in for Andrew Jones!” as he lends a hand (or ears) setting up the TAD system.


All SVS sub woofers make Maxx a dull boy!


But wait! Maxx Audio also flew the SVS Revolution speakers in for the show debut!


Pathos Musicteca music server. Experience its beautiful design features and sound at the Centre Circle room.


And while Jo Ki was busy at the TAD room, I sneaked up to his LS3/5A room and got this spy shot of his laser (note the 3D laser projection tool in the center) aligned and the setting up was still in its early stages. Will Jo be using using his “god-singing-to-me” Skorgrand cables at the show? I only saw a few Wywire Gold cables, so your guess is as good as mine!


See ya folks at the KLIAVS 2013 tomorrow, and the weekend!



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