KLIAVS 2013: Visiting the rest of the exhibitors on Day 3



Sam and his beloved Quads.


Active Linns


KEF Blades and Nuforce


Max’s SVS system.


New SVS PB-1000 sub-woofer.


BMC system


Triangle speakers.


Musical Fidelity


Jo Ki’s system.


No crystal tweaks this year?


Skogrand and Wywires cabling in Jo Ki’s system.



MSB DAC, Aurender music server, Vitus pre/power amps and Marten speakers.


Alluxity and Marten speakers.


Bergmann turntable and Whest phono preamp.


Active ATCs from Hi-Way Laser.


The all-Audio Note system.


Creeks, Epos speakers and Gato amps.


The best buy item at the KLIAVS 3013.


Avantgarde horn speakers and pre/power amps.


Headphones galore at Jaben.


DPS turntable and arm, Burmester integrated amp and Magico S1 speakers.


Unison Research tube integrated amp and Opera speakers from A &


[caption id="attachment_1673" align="alignnone" width="546"] Pathos speaker at Centre Circle.


XTZ speaker and YBA CD player and pre/power amps.


Jeff Rowland and Dynaudio at CMY’s room.


Dynaudio”s wireless Xeo system at CMY’s room.


Naim amps and ProAc speakers at CMY”s room.


Audiolab amps and Mission speakers at CMY’s room.


Maggies and Esoteric CD player and amp.


Sim Audio Ce player and amps and Canton speakers.


Sim Audio Moon amps and CD player and Verity speakers.


Hegel system.


The Mark Levinson No 52 reference preamp that was launched during KLIAVS 2013.


Meridian active speakers.




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