KLIAV 2013 Show Report Part I.

Many have asked me when am I gonna post my show report? It would seems many are interested in what I had to say about the demos at the just concluded KLIAV. I must rest a few days after a hectic weekend, and so must Tan, our partner in crime and official show photographer this year. I mean just look at those picture quality!


This is also dedicated to those who for some reason or another, didn’t make it(I know a few guys out there) to the show this year. Enjoy our room by room, blow by blow show report:


Asia Sound Equipment’s range of speaker products, which I found the Brodmann most interesting, because the feature only a single tweeter, and the rest of the sound is resonated via their side panels, much like a piano. To suit the theme, only piano tracks were demo-ed and they were hugely realistic! Not sure with other music though.


Wo Kee Hong had all of the Marantz range on static display only.


Toshiba Regza TVs, sans the gals this year.


This Sony 4K display is one of the best looking TV’s in the show. Impressive picture quality but still very costly.


The Ktema Accordo speakers sounds musical as usual, if you want a pair, grab them before there gone, forever!


Alluxity electronics and Marten D’Jango speakers sounding somewhat lacklustre.


The all Vitus electronics and Marten Getz, powered by Sperling Audio turntable is by far the best sounding Swedish Statement demo.


The LS3/5A room, powered by Jo Ki, was wowing the crowds as usual.


LTB Enterprise, displayed the Musical Fidelity and Boston Audio speakers combo.


French kissing partners, Atoll electronics and Triangle speakers.


Designed in Germany, made in China BMC electronics and speakers sounded open, airy and most of all, precise!


Goldmund electronics and Wilson Maxx 3 lacked sparkle at the show. However, that did not prevent one of my buddies, from getting his dream speakers. The system was later demo-ed with ………….


Ktema speakers on the last show day!


Q Acoustics speakers and Atoll electronics are one great partnership in the budget hifi section. The whole shebang cost less than RM$10k.


DCS Vivaldi, with VTL Signature monoblock amps, plus Dali made music like no other at the 4th floor A&L Audio Station room.


CMY Audio & Visual decided to go static this year at the 4th floor.


ARC electronics and Sonus Faber, not quite like the good ol’ days.


Just like their show gals, the all TAD system was sounding classy and exquisite. The smallish speakers were producing such slam banging bass, some audiophiles were seen checking if the demo system had a cheater sub woofer hiding behind back wall?


Ahh…… too bad these babies were on static display only. The latest PMC IB2i SE arrived just a day before the show, and AV Designs had a policy of not demo-ing if the product is not ready. The official launch of the speakers will be soon.


After 3 years of demo-ing Focal speakers and McIntosh electronics, Audio Perfectionist finally got it right!


The small SVS room was wowing AV fans, with a small screen, but big sound.


Who killed the KEF LS50? After all, they sounded so impressive last year………..


Linn, all lifestyle, little hifi.


Harbeth M30.1 speakers are one of the best sounding in their range I’ve heard.


Ayre AV engine, with ATC pre amp and SLT50 Anniversary powered speakers sounding quite capable.


I missed this all Audio Note room and Mario Binner, but I am sure they won’t disappoint.


Previous year”s budget champs Creek electronics & Epos speakers, sounding somewhat un-inspiring this year. The Epos Elans are priced to move though.


The all Avantgarde system for wealthy, and horny guys.


Our show report to be continued, stay tuned.

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