Pathos Frontier Prime Loudspeakers, Now On Demo In Centre Circle Audio.

Pathos Frontier Prime loud speakers in striking red finish(sitting next to Eggleston Works Rossa Signature in White). There’s another pair of Frontiers Prime in gloss white at Centre Circle Audio showroom too!

These babes represents Pathos latest thinking on loudspeaker design, called the Frontiers Prime.
They are finished in the latest fashionable automotive gloss paint scheme to match the modern contemporary home decor. However, these Pathos are not just all show and little go. They also offer some solid technical thinking direction, not common in other speaker designs.

The top chamber which houses the tweeter and woofer can be swivelled for toe in, for improved imaging focus.

For starters the top chamber, which houses the tweeter and mid range drivers are monitor like and independent from the bass drivers, in the way that they can be swivelled to compensate for suitable toe in angle, off tangent from the speaker cabinet placement. I suspect this can give the speaker easier to achieve solid imaging properties within the staging factor, usually limited by speaker placement within the room. Next is the pseudo bi-polar design, which sees a small mid range driver, mounted in the back baffle, for improved ambiance reproduction. The bass chambers have dual front port for easier speaker to room loading factor, again the aim to facilitate easier speaker placement within a given room.

The small, back facing mid range driver.

Powered by the full Pathos tube system, fronted by the lovely Musiteca music server source, playing 16 bit flac files, the sound was rich, rounded and full bodied, with excellent clarity. There is a humanness in the way they music, that only Italian crafted loud speakers can do.

Do check them out by calling Centre Circle Audio, contact Sky or Nelson at 03-77282686.

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