KLIAVS 2014: Another gem from Jo Ki


By Lam Seng Fatt


For some reason, Jo Ki and I tend to meet up near Secret Recipe outlets. Last year, he waited for me at the Secret Recipe outlet in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, to pass to me a copy of last year’s special CD for the AV show.


Last night, the spot where we were supposed to meet up was at The Curve in Petaling Jaya. So I picked up this year’s Commemorative CD from him and I turned around and spotted – a Secret Recipe sign. For some strange reason we met up again outside a Secret Recipe outlet.


On the way home, I played the CD on the car audio system and could easily discern that it was a cut above the normal CDs in terms of sound quality. I reached home too late to play it and so this morning I switched on the big rig and played it and heard it in all its audiophile glory.


I will not spoil things for you, but I will say there are no foreign language songs this year other than two Chinese tracks.


There are several golden oldies such as Mona Lisa done very well and there are some well-known names and labels in audiophile circles such as Emi Fujita and MA Recordings.


My favourite song is by Chiara, a British-born Filipino singer whose rendition of Songbird is invigorating.


Okay, I shall stop here otherwise I will start revealing everything.


The special CD will be given to all those who buy a ticket to attend the Kuala Lumpur International AV Show this weekend – while stocks last.



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  1. I see Albert’s point and it makes sense from a certain point of view. My favourite music is actually Kpop and other pop songs as it just gets me into the groove, but I also have no qualms to keep an open mind and listen to “some sort of audiophile recordings from obscure artistes” as well, as it is also MUSIC too. I do believe one of the demo rooms at KLAV show (Focal I believe) was demoing a regular Faye Wong album 🙂
    Likewise, I watch TVB series on a calibrated Kuro plasma TV, but I wouldn’t say an arthouse movie from a foreign country is not a REAL movie…

  2. I’m reading some typical bias here. Most people who listen to audiophile music that I know, also listen to other genres of music. Audiophile labels make some of the best music around. They are more independent and not so hyped up like popular music.

    The main difference I can say is the quality of recording. While popular music is great, it’s recording quality isn’t. And therefore, people with better system will also look towards better recorded music sources. The irony is, the better the setup, so does the playback sound of popular music in an audiophile system.

    Traffic was actually good all 3 days. No jam whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised. Showcases were simpler but I can see a lot of attention was put into the setup. Sound, of course is up to individual preferences. I had a good time at the show. If anything, I missed my malay friends at the show. I guess Ramadan calls for a quieter event.

    Lastly, the commemorative CD “speaks” for itself. Qudos again 3Dot and JoKi.

  3. Will stay away from this district, big sinkhole nearby, jam will be unimaginable bad. Sad.

  4. hi jklow,

    thanks for your comments and observations.
    i agree with you. it is no fun having to play just a small pile of audiophile CDs over and over again at home.
    we need some beatles and rolling stones and led zep (i’m showing my age here…:) ) to spice up our lives.
    many good albums were badly recorded (sigh).

    however, i shall be posting about a new way of listening to old music by real-time conversion of pcm files to dsd…
    this method makes many bad recordings sound acceptably good.
    the post will be published after the show.


  5. If one’s system is correctly set up (need not to be too expensive), playing contemporary or any kind of music, should not be a problem. My 2 cents. No offence intended. Rgds.

  6. Thank you to the organizers in executing such a huge, complex event.

    In retrospect, its sad to see that REAL music are often not used to demo these systems. Its always mostly some sort of audiophile recordings from obscure artistes

    The way i look at it, many (not all) hifi lovers have to change and mold their music preferences to go into another kind of music thats very well recorded that will make their systems sing. I used to be crazy about hifi, but my favourite MUSIC revolves around funk, groove etc (Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies etc), Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire etc. There are no audiophile recordings of these, and my fav CDs sound horrible on these premium systems. I guess expensive drag cars simply cant run on common 95 octane fuel.

    Unlike many enthusiasts, I will not change my music preferences just because of my hifi system. Thats a drag car that can only perform optimally on specialised racing fuels. I dont want to force myself to listen to Spanish Harlem and Kitaro everyday just so that my system can come alive to impress me.

    Nevertheless, all the best with the show, and i’ll certainly drop by to hv a look.

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