KLIAVS 2014: Day 3…

The Rega RP10 turntable that was specially flown in for the show.


By Lam Seng Fatt


On the third day, it was quite quiet in the morning and I managed to check out the rest of the exhibitors.


Again I popped into the Vertere room and chatted with Touraj while he spun several LPs on his turntable. The sound quality in that room was so good that I wished I had a million ringgit to spend on hi-fi which would result in me going home with his Vertere turntable and the FM Acoustics components.


The other room that I liked was the Audio Image room which also featured vinyl with a battery-powered Thales turntable with its tangential pivoted tonearm. Adrian even played a mono recording with a mono cartridge. Ah, it was another nice sonic experience there. Once more, the Magico speakers were, well, magical.


I also popped into the Goldmund room to have a listen to its wireless speakers. They reminded me of Dynaudio Xeo speakers, but they were higher level with a higher price too.


In Hi-Way Laser’s room, I heard the new version of the ATC SCM40 which looked quite good with its new metal see-through grille. They sounded good too – they were more transparent and had a more extended and brighter treble than the SCM40s that I own.


Another system that impressed me was in the A & L Audio Station room which had a full dCS Vivaldi system.


In Jaben’s room, I had a quick listen to the world’s most expensive pair of headphones – the Abyss. They cost something like RM25k…well, if I have that kind of money, I would rather upgrade my DAC or speakers or CD player.


In Maxx’s room, I heard the SVS sub-woofers partnered with Audio Physics speakers. As usual, Max has tuned the HT system well and I was impressed by the well-defined sensurround effects.


Here are some photos of Day 3…


The Goldmund ProLogos Active speakers. They reminded me of the Dynaudio Xeo speakers, but of a higher quality.


The dCS Vivaldi system with Constellatioin Centaur power amps and Dali speakers. This was one of the best sounding digital systems in the show.


The Meridian active speakers. They still look and sound the same after all these years.


Wo Kee Hong’s David Low promoting Denon components.


Jaben’s room was always full and I had to wait some time to try the Abyss headphones.


The uber-expensive rig in Perfect Hi-Fi’s room comprising Audio Research components and Sonus Faber speakers.


Another expensive rig comprising McIntosh and Focal Maestro Utopia speakers. This system sounded better than the McIntosh and Focal system on the 7th floor.


On the way out of the room, I spotted this. It was McIntosh’s headphone amp and I put on the Focal headphones for a short listen. It was quite nice.


After listening to music in most of the rooms, I decided to check out the latest in TV technology. This was in the Panasonic room.


Panasonic’s 4K display.


Sharp displayed their large-screen LED TVs.


Kim of Asia Sound was also demo-ing wireless speakers controlling them with his handphone. The wireless active speakers were from Audiovector.


The Devialet has been one of the most exciting products in the past few years. Its hybrid Class A and Class D amplification module has been hailed as one of the greatest innovations in amplifier technology.



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