KLIAVS 2014: Day two…

Touraj Moghaddam and his Vertere turntable and tonearm. Touraj has immense knowledge on turntable design and engineering principles.


By Lam Seng Fatt


Now that I have recovered from hearing the same song played – I can’t remember how many times – during the coax-vs-Toslink shootout, I can continue posting about what happened on Day Two.


We managed to find some time between the shootout sessions and during the lunch break to walk around the show.


I had a chat with Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere which was the highlight of the day. That man from Roksan was something else – he had a head filled with knowledge and engineering principles and it was a pleasure to meet such a knowledgeable person. The Vertere room was one of the highlights of the show.


We also attended a talk by Franck Tchang who was accompanied by his young and beautiful wife. Franck talked about his resonators and phase correctors and how his resonators could not only treat a listening room, but also make a house or bedroom more comfortable to live in.


Here are some photos of Day Two…


The Centre Circle room was just in front of ours and I popped in many times to listen to the Chord Hugo headphone amp-cum-DAC.


Next door to AV2Day’s room was a McIntosh and Focal system. I preferred the bigger rig downstairs.


The BMC pre/power amps driving Adam speakers sounded good to my ears this year. Someone said it was possibly due to the Loit CD player.


You don’t see this in Malaysia very often. Boulder is a very expensive American marque and it is coming to Malaysia. They are looking for a showroom in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya.




There were two cut-out speakers in the show. This one was a Triangle. The other was an Audio Physics in Max’s SVS room.


The Zellaton speakers look good.


ASI speakers and Karan amps in CMY’s room.


Metronome, Dynaudio and Jeff Rowland in CMY’s room.


ProAc D20R speakers driven by Naim amps in CMY’s room.


In the world of stereo systems that cost hundreds of thousands of ringgit, this was one of the sanest rooms. There were real-world products at real-world prices. CMY’s Audiolab and Mission room was welcome indeed.


The Audiolab Monoblock is one of the most affordable Monoblocks in the market. Sounds good too.


The Mark Levinson-Revel system sounded quite good.


Playback Design CD player. High-end CD players are making their way to Malaysia.


Maggies and Esoteric and


Verity and Nagra.


Cute Gallo speakers.


Audiophile CDs on sale.


CMY boss John Yew worked very hard during the show.


Andy Tan of Perfect Hi-Fi showing a range of Thorens turntables. Andy is now the distributor for Thorens.


That’s a few hundred grand worth of Audio Research components.


That’s a few hundred grand worth of TAD components at AV Designs’ room.


The PMC Twenty26 were on static display at AV Designs’ room.


Swedish Statement made a statement with the Vitus, Sperling turntable and Rockport speakers. The Vitus stereo power amp was huge – about as big as a coffee table.


Franck Tchang giving a talk on his resonators and phase correctors.




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