Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector

Article by Dick Tan


Sony VPL-HW40ES offers big bangs for the buck


Sony makes a varied range of projectors intended specially for the home theatre market and that range include two upmarket 4K units and two full HD 1080p models.


For those who crave the fabled Sony projector performance but is hindered by a limited budget the company offers the VPL-HW40ES. Retailing at RM7, 600, the 3D VPL-HW40ES is packed with essentially the same performance enhancement technologies as its bigger sibling the VPL-HW55ES.  The only features omitted from the VPL-HW40 are the dynamic IRIS system and less pre-sets options for picture and gamma modes.  Also, the 3D glasses are not included and are required to be purchased separately.


Considering that the VPL-HW40ES’ retail price is roughly only 50% that of its bigger sibling the lack of the features mentioned is unlikely to be a deal breaker if your sight’s set on a Sony projector.


Heart of the VPL-HW40, as with every Sony home theatre projector is the company’s proprietary SXCD imaging system with a native 1080p full HD resolution Claimed light output at 1700 lumens is commendably high and is well in keeping with what most current home theatre projectors offer.


Inspite of its entry level positioning the VPL-HW40 offers quite a few ‘big bangs for the buck’.  And at this price range it is bound to upset quite a few of its competitors.


For instance there are two HDMI 1.4 inputs, horizontal and vertical lens adjustment that will prove invaluable in dialling in a more refined projector to screen alignment, image panel alignment for optimum sharpness and a brightness boosting technology for 3D playback which Sony calls Dynamic Lamp Control.


Although the VPL-HW40 is the most affordable Sony home theatre projector you would never guess it, what with its large, attractively sculptured elliptical shaped casing that weighs a hefty 9.6 kg.  The VPL-HW40 comes in either white or black.


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Article by Dick Tan

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