KLIAV 2014: Here Are The Golden Ears!

Article by WL Low

Did you take part in The Golden Ear challenge at KLIAV 2014?

There have been tremendous pressure on our staff writers to disclose the “Creme de la creme”, the bonafide and those about to be certified Golden Ears, a.k.a. the eight guys who have the most golden of ears in Malaysia! People out there are getting impatient, restless even.


Under much un-due pressure, Lam Seng Fatt agreed to allow me to publish the names of the winners. Here are our certified Golden Ears, listed in the order of day of participation:


1) Lee Fook Yuan (04/07)

2) Alvin Chang (04/07)

3) Vincent Lau (04/07)

4) James Chin (05/07)

5) Jo Ki (05/07)

6) Chua Lin Chun (06/07)

7) C K Chua (06/07)

8) Alex (06/07)


We are in the midst of organising a certification and prize giving ceremony, and if you are one of the people listed above, congratulations! You shall be expecting a telephone call from us soon.
We wish to thank all participants and sponsors of The Golden Ear” challenge.


Please stay tuned for our prize giving ceremony announcement.


Article by WL Low

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