Asia Sound Equipment Demos Rega RP 8, Now At Amcorp Mall

Article by WL Low


I was passing by Asia Sound Equipment’s Amcorp Mall showroom and they were demo-ing the Rega RP 8 turntable, a new generation of Rega skeletal plinth design series that I’ve yet to hear. And so I graciously invited my self in to the showroom, like a kid in to the candy store.


I requested for a demo and Adrian, the store assistant obliged. The RP 8 tipped with a Denon DL-304 MC cartridge, was hooked up to an all tube based Rogue Audio phono stage, pre-amp and power amp, wired to a pair of Audio Vector speakers. I a sat in the store demo sweet spot listening to a few tunes, it hit me that this Rega doesn’t really spin a little faster any more. Music flows more naturally without hurry. The highs were lush and liquid with a full bodied mid section. Bass was supple, if just a tad polite overall. Civilised sound comes closest to describing the new, un-Rega like character, as it gets closer to that high end sonic ideal.


Also on demo, via a different system is the RP 40 Anniversary, a turntable that celebrates Rega’s 40th year in the business. This is very similar concept to a Rega P25 that I used to own, but up dated to the latest Rega RP design philosophy. The RP 40 mated to an MM cartridge from the same company, has more of the Rega sound that I used to know and loved. It did sound a little faster, busier compared to the serene RP 8, but still somewhat slower(and likely more correct) than the old Regas of the yore. The RP 40 has some of the musical rawness that made Rega turn tables so endearingly honest to the jaded hifi soul.


If you’ve not heard the new generation Rega turn tables, now is the time to do so at Asia Sound’s Amcorp Mall outlet.


For appointment, please contact Adrian, Asia Sound Equipment at 03-79552091.


Article by WL Low

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