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Article by WL Low 


Folks, I have just scored a scoop with Bro ML(Leslie Loh of Pop Pop fame) to bring this CD review to you. May Mow is Leslie’s latest talent find, and from the cover picture you’d know she’s one pretty song bird! The question on my mind was can the bird sing?


Based on the CD master I had just heard, the answer is a resolute yes! She combines the rare talent of clear technical diction(like Winnie Ho) yet maintaining some degree of cheerfulness in her musical delivery. Leslie is very proud of this new CD because it represents a new direction that Pop Pop Music is taking from here on. There are 4 tunes here based on 3 songs, namely track 1 is called Flirtation, track 2 Passion, track 3 Reflection and track 4 Reflection Reprise, which is a follow on tune from track 3.


Gone are the sober and slightly sterile delivery of soupy love songs and in with the Jazzy rhythmic flow of feel good. I can’t help but tap my feet as I listen to the music of May Mow. More importantly as an audiophile, we have the recording and mastering done by the Grammy Award winning Woody Pornpitaksuk. For those who did not know, Woody won a Grammy sometime ago re-mastering a Louis Armstrong album. The sound has full and fat bottom, accompanied by an open mid range with clarity at the smooth top end(as any self respecting jazz recording should be!) . The staging and imaging factor is good, allowing the listener to easily discern every individual musical instrument in it’s own place within the spacious sound stage, with a flesh and bone quality feel in the vocal imaging. The whole musical presentation has a positive rhythmic flow which easily sets one’s foot tapping. The result is a CD that is more universally good sounding in all playback systems, from entry level to high end audio systems.


Some of Pop Pop Music’s new CD project in the future would be in the EP(Extended Play, which was quite popular in the late eighties and early nineties!) format, which promises only 3 to 6 in total of the best selected tracks and no fillers, compared to the usual 10-12 tracked album. Leslie reckons that people nowadays have less time to go through a whole album with lot’s of filler tracks, and just end up pressing the “skip” button on the CD player anyway! Might as well pay less for a CD that has all thrillers and zero fillers, right?


That’s why this May Mow EP CD is expected to cost only RM$30/pc when it hits the stores sometime next week. Do look out for it as it is something pretty special indeed. I am looking forward to my signed copy!


Article by WL Low

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