KLIAVS 2015: Open-baffle speakers on demo

Spatial Hologram open-baffle speakers.
Spatial Hologram open-baffle speakers.


By Lam Seng Fatt


Malaysian audiophiles will have the chance to hear something that is actually rare especially for all those who use box speakers (i.e. the majority of us).


Vince has booked a room for the coming Kuala Lumpur AV Show and will be setting up a system that will make you salivate a bit. I have heard various versions of his set-up in his music room, so I can vouch for the good sonics.


Vince is the newest player in town and I am not sure if he has finalised the range of products he and his partners are bringing in. The last I heard, the list was already quite long.


He has informed me that he will be setting up a demo system comprising the Spatial Hologram speakers, the latest Clones reference DAC, Archer plus Anticables and SOTM products and the Crayon Audio CFA 1.2. He may use a reference server as source.


Many of these brands are new to Malaysians especially the Clones, Spatial open-baffle speakers and Crayon amps.


So be prepared for a sonic treat.




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