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A Mu-So Have!

Article by Venoth Nair

Naim's Mu-So, Stylish from beginning ‘til the end.
Naim’s Mu-So, stylish from beginning ‘til the end

If you own a smartphone or smart device and store your entire music library on it like most people do these days, then you are in the market for a wireless music system. There are many options available out there when it comes to this type of systems but only one sets the bar when it comes to having the last word in sound quality.


Enter The Naim Mu-So.


The Mu-So represents the best that can be achieved with a wireless music system. It supports every type of connectivity option currently available to a wireless system, plus it is able to playback all the digital formats available except for the likes of DSD and DXD.

The Super Stylish control centre at the top of the unit.
The Super Stylish control centre at the top of the unit

The Mu-so’s body is made from brushed aluminium and has a silver anodized heat sink on the rear. It has a fabric grille in black that can be removed and replaced with three other colour options, which are sold separately to personalize your Mu-So. The top of the unit is where the control buttons are located. These buttons are beautifully laid out on a touch sensitive round dial that illuminates to show playback functions and volume.


Powered by six independent amplifiers at 75 watts for each of the six drivers the Mu-So is capable of some serious volume without losing any composure. The dual channel, three-way design delivers a full rich sound that defies its sleek cool look. Its flexibility and power also means that you could use it as a sound bar to augment your TV sound, should you wish to multitask with the Mu-So.


At a retail price of RM 6,400, the Mu-So is not exactly made for everyone, but considering the performance capability and features, the Mu-So warrants some serious deliberation if you have the budget for it.


For further details, contact:

CMY Audio Visual Sdn Bhd

Tel:  03-2143 9406 / 21434357


Article by Venoth Nair

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  1. For me at the KLIAV 2015, CMY was demo-ing the Mu-So from down the hall way of our little help desk, and the sound was still crystal clear with good bass definition. And it played LOUD too!

    I was quite impressed.

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