New Audio Research Reference components arrive

Article by WL Low


The Audio Research Reference series have been considered the ultimate tube design amplifier expression since its introduction in 1995. The ARC Reference Phono 2 & Reference 3 Pre-amp are still considered the finest of my dream equipment till this day. I know they are dated, but that’s just me.


Perfect HiFi informs me that the latest in the Reference series have arrived on our shores, including the ARC Reference Phono 3 and Reference 6 Pre-amp. Now don’t mistake the Reference 6 pre-amp to be a rehashed circuit of the previous Reference 5 SE, which is a refinement of the Reference 5 series. The Reference 6 Pre-amp is cut from the same cloth as the loftier 2-piece Reference 10 Pre-amp, so do expect a big jump in all sound quality performance parameters.

Audio Research ARC Ref 6
Audio Research ARC Ref 6

I know a certain high-end buddy has just taken delivery of his Reference Phono 3 and is now in the process of burning in the tubes. I can’t wait to listen to his new toy! You should inquire with Perfect HiFi for Reference (pun very much intended)!

Audio Research ARC Ref PH3
Audio Research ARC Ref Phono 3

Contact Perfect HiFi at 03-58821693, ask for Andy Tan.


Article by WL Low

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