Avantgarde Acoustic 25th Anniversary Factory Tour, Part 4

Article by WL Low

From the speaker production area, we head to the first floor of the Avantgarde Acoustic factory, where the plate amps for sub woofers of all the speakers and XA series amps are made.


This is office area of the amplifier section, looks like a lounge or rest area, doesn’t it?


The miniature Avantgarde Horn speakers are cute as toys.


IMG_6696 (3)
And then we enter in to the dedicated work space for the XA series amps


IMG_6697 (3)
This section is where all the various types of wire harness are sorted and stored


IMG_6698 (3)
Pre QC-ed board modules ready for use


IMG_6699 (2)
A closer look at those wire harness


IMG_6700 (2)
Finished plate amps awaiting final testing


IMG_6701 (3)
And here we go in to a second section of the amplifier production area


IMG_6702 (2)
Seen here are some completed power supply modules undergoing testing


IMG_6703 (3)
An audio module undergoing testing!


IMG_6704 (3)
Seen here tested for signal integrity, using signal generator and osiloscope


IMG_6705 (3)
More testing stations


IMG_6706 (2)
An XA pre amp inner chassis with input board(right) with power supply/regulation board assembled


IMG_6707 (2)
An XA amplifier face plate control board as seen in the foreground, note volume indicator points(round semi circle on the right)


IMG_6708 (2)
More power supply sections being built


IMG_6709 (3)
Here are some XA power amp & mono block inner chassis undergoing assembly


IMG_6710 (2)
The volume pot control module being assembled here. All hand made in house of course!


IMG_6711 (3)
Now aren’t these babes pretty? Completed units of XA pre amp & power amp awaiting final testing


IMG_6712 (3)
Seen here is an XA series integrated amp coming together on all four sides


IMG_6713 (3)
Various models of XA series amps in various stages of build


IMG_6714 (3)
This is where the amps undergo final test and burn in. Every amp is burn in for 100 hours here before they go in to packaging. Seen here is the prototype test mule of the Avantgarde Zero 1


IMG_6716 (3)
A plate amp undergoing testing


Armin shows off the beautifully finished remote wand of the XA series amps. very ergonomically correct design with tactile feel when in your hands too


And finally, to end this chapter of our Avantgarde Acoustic 25th Anniversary factory tour, we take a look at the concept and philosophies behind the XA series amplifier design, courtesy of Avantgarde Acoustic. Next, we move on the corporate demo room.

Article by WL Low

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