KLIAVS 2016: High-level Audionote system

Audionote CDT Four CD Transport
Audionote CDT Four CD Transport


Audionote fans, take note: Head to Room 8008 to hear a high-level Audionote system.


Presented by Audionote Malaysia, the room will feature a system comprising the Audionote CDT Four CD transport, DAC 2.1x signature, M2 Phono Balanced preamp, Quest Silver Signature monoblocks and AN-E/SPe HE speakers.


The CDT Four is a Level 4 CD transport featuring top loading in-house custom modified Philips CD Pro2LF mechanism, choke coupled 3 transformer power supply, silver wired output transformer, Audio Note SOGON cable from CD mechanism to digital output stage.


The DAC 2.1x is 24Bit/96KHz compatible, and uses an AD1865N chip with digital filter free 1xoversampling direct from disc technology plus patented Audio Note I/V transformer interface, digital input transformer, 6DJ8 anode follower no feedback output stage. Black Gate capacitors, Audio Note tantalum resistors and Audio Note copper foil signal caps & better power supply with separate mains transformer, choke and 6X5 rectifier.


M2 Phono Balanced preamp is the phono version has MM phono input and 4 other inputs, 2 x ECC83/12AX7 in first stage of phono with passive equaliser and ECC82 second stage feeding 2 x 6DJ8 transformer coupled line stage, all with no feedback, power supply with choke smoothing, 6X5 rectifier.


Audionote Quest Silver Signature monoblocks.
Audionote Quest Silver Signature monoblocks.

Quest Silver Signatures are Level Three, 9 watt single-ended Class A no feedback triode mono amplifiers, valve rectified choke power supply, Audio Note copper foil signal capacitors, Audio Note Tantalum resistors, Cerafine & standard electrolytic capacitors, in house made SHiB double C-core output transformer, 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 2 x 5U4G.



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