AV2day presents prizes to Jepson Teoh

Willy Low (left) presenting the toys to Jepson Teoh.
Willy Low (left) presenting the toys to Jepson Teoh.


AV2day presented prizes to audiophile Jepson Teoh in his house in Klang today. Jepson won the prizes because he was the most active in the Q and A section of AV2day last month.


Willy Low drove all the way to his house to hand over a power line conditioner (sponsored by Maxx Audio) and an Isotek power cord (sponsored by Centre Circle Audio) to Jepson.


Jepson is a dedicated audiophile who used to work at AV World in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya, Selangor. The last time I met him, he was working for Perfect Hi-Fi in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya.


Unfortunately, he became ill and had to leave the industry, but his passion for hi-fi remains. AV2day wishes him well and prays that his health will improve so that he can spend more time playing with his hi-fi and AV systems, and the two new toys he received today.






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