Epson Launches New Home Theatre Projector Range

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by Dick Tan


Epson’s latest range of home theatre projectors cover virtually every budget and expectation level. Shown above are EH-TW6700, EH-TW8300 AND EH-TW5350


In a product launch ceremony, last week Epson officially announced the release of its latest range of home theatre projectors based on the LCD format imaging device.


The three projector range is helmed by the EH-TW 8300, a mid-high performance level model exceeded only by the company’s flagship laser powered EH-LS10000.


The new range, in addition to the EH-TW8300 also include the budget level EH-TW5350 and the mid-priced EH-TW6700.


Readers of these pages who are inclined towards home theatre matters may be familiar with the EH-TW5350 and the EH-TW8300 which just a short time ago were mentioned in brief with advanced information from Epson.  The EH-TW6700 is however just made available and share many of the advanced features of the EH-TW8300 as well as the entry level EH-TW5350.


Feature common to all three include 3D compatibility, high resolution detail enhancement control, Wi-Fi connectivity, mid to short throw distance, built-in speaker system (EH-TW5350 and EH-TW 8700) and 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution.


Retail price are RM4,027 for the EH-TW5350, RM8,056 for the EH-TW5350 and RM14,628 for the EH-TW8300.


Other important features include a 2200 lumens brightness and 35,000.1 contrast ratio for the EH-TW5350, a 3000 lumens brightness and 70,000 contrast ratio for the EH-TW6700 and 2,500 lumens brightness and 1,000,000.1 contrast ratio for the EH-TW8300.


As with the premium EH-LS10000 model, the EH-TW8300 is also capable of a proprietary 4K enhancement technology that seamlessly up-scales all video input to simulate a 3840 x 2160 4K resolution.  The EH-TW8300 is also equipped with extensive lens memory capability to enable it to be used with a CinemaScope 2.35.1 screen.


For further details contact:

Epson Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Tel: 03 56288288


Article by Dick Tan

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