WTL Trading To Showcase Gryphon Audio Products At KL International AV Show 2017

Power and Grace Delivered with Passion

by Venoth Nair


This year at the KL International AV Show 2017, Alban Wee from WTL Trading will be giving Malaysian audiophiles the opportunity to get up close and intimate with high end Danish audio company Gryphon Audio. The distributor that hails from the historic city of Melaka will be showcasing the latest and arguably the greatest offerings from the European stalwart famed for its high performance and exhaustively engineered amplifiers and speakers.


Gryphon Mojo S
WTL Trading Frontman Alban Wee standing proud with the Gryphon Mojo S


Speaking to him during an impromptu listening session where we were treated to a little taste of what the Gryphon brand is all about, Alban explained how as an audiophile himself, he is driven purely by passion for good sound, and Gryphon embodies this passion which can be heard in all its equipment. Among the key products to be displayed will be the Diablo 300 which is an integrated amplifier which can be fitted with an optional DAC for more functionality and input expansion. The Diablo 300 is immaculately built with a distinctive look that according to Alban was designed taking cues from the galaxies most popular villain Darth Vader, the main antagonist in the Star Wars saga which happens to be Flemming Rasmussen’s (the founder of Gryphon Audio) favourite movie.


Gryphon is a firm believer in the Duelund Constant Phase Technology which it has expertly employed throughout its entire speaker range (even throughout the history of the company). This practise is seen in all its glory with the latest offerings in the form of the Mojo S which is a stand mounted design and the behemoth 38 driver flagship reference, Kodo.


The Gryphon Mojo S seen here in a beautiful blue finish
The Gryphon Mojo S seen here in a beautiful blue finish


At the coming KL International AV Show 2017, audiophiles will be able to sample this audio philosophy themselves and experience the quality which is the direct result of exhaustive research and engineering.


WTL Trading will be pairing up the Mojo S with the Diablo 300, which will come complete with the DAC upgrade letting us mere mortals have a taste of the high-end world. As for the source, Gryphon’s own Scorpio CD player will be used completing the system for a true Gryphon experience.


Gryphon Audio Diablo 300
The Diablo 300 represents the Gryphon Audio’s effort to achieve audio perfection


The folks at WTL Trading will also be showcasing a variety of lifestyle based hi-fi systems which are geared towards the current trend of connected audio systems that look as good as they sound.  Among the systems on show will be the Micromega M-One range which will be paired with Penaudio’s Cenya as well as the highly acclaimed Simaudio Moon Neo Ace (ACE is an abbreviation of “A Complete Experience”) which as the name suggest is everything you need in one robustly built box.  A selection of Graditech cables will also be featured to help keep things connected between all this high-performance equipment.


If you’re interested in listening to any of these items (or all of it) then make sure you’re down at the Sunway Putra Hotel (opposite PWTC), Kuala Lumpur this coming 28th to the 30th of July 2017 to have yourself a close encounter of the audiophile kind with these elite gems.


For further information contact:

WTL Trading Sdn Bhd.

Tel: 06 2861088

Alban: 012 6143049


Article by Venoth Nair

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