ELAC S10EQ Active Subwoofer

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by Venoth Nair


Subwoofers are the cornerstone of any home theatre setup. Let’s face it; no other speaker type is going to give you that pure sensation of depth as thrillingly as a subwoofer can. Although over the years there has not been anything drastically different about your basic subwoofer, the recent arrival of the ELAC S10EQ is set to change that.


The ELAC S10EQ is a member of the brand’s entry level line of speakers called the “Debut”, designed by the renowned Andrew Jones. This range of budget constrained speakers promise to deliver the best possible performance through cleaver design and engineering. The ELAC S10EQ is proof of that ingenuity thanks to its new approach to how a sub is setup which differs greatly from pretty much all other subs out there. Add to that a rather affordable price and you have the makings of something very tempting for your home theatre system.




Before looking into the specifications of the ELAC S10EQ, we shall look into the feature that revolutionises the way we setup and configure our subwoofers. The new ELAC S10EQ comes without any knobs or control dials to setup the gain, low pass and phase (the usual standard when it comes to active subs). Instead the ELAC S10EQ utilizes app-based control structure which converts your smartphone through the app into a remote control and microphone for your subwoofer. By pairing up the subwoofer with your smartphone the ELAC is in essence now equipped with a wireless setup tool that has the flexibility to be placed in any varied listening position with absolutely no fuss.


The setup process is done through a few easy steps. First you have to select the subwoofer model within the app (the sub is detected via Bluetooth so make sure to switch on your phones Bluetooth). Then after selecting the sub, switch over to the auto EQ tab. The app will then tell you to hold your phone with its microphone facing the sub within a distance of a foot or less from the unit before you hit the analyse button. A series of bass notes are played, and calculations are made. The app then tells you to move to your listening position where the process is repeated and hey “Presto!”  You’re done.  This unique setup process makes positioning and tuning of the sub an absolute breeze with results that deliver the goods.


The Passive


Moving back to the sub itself, the S10EQ keeps its looks and build fairly typical with a front firing 10-inch driver with a fixed metal grill. The entire unit is wrapped in a black brushed vinyl which gives of a nice smart look to the sub. On the bottom, the sub comes with large silver coloured feet which also allow for screw on spikes (included).  The spikes can be left off depending on your floor type. The underbelly also reveals a matching 10-inch passive radiator to help dissipate all that internal pressure in a constructive manner.


On the electronics side the ELAC comes with a robust 200-watt (400-watt peak) class D BASH amplifier to ensure sufficient power on tap. The sub has a frequency response between 150 Hz all the way down to 28 Hz.  As far as connectivity is concerned, the ELAC sports just the single LFE input which greatly simplify matters when it comes to how the sub is hooked up.  If you like to switch things up with the settings, then all you have to do is revert back to the app for a little tweaking whenever you desire.


The ELAC S10EQ’s simplistic design means that it’s actually suited to even the novice home cinema enthusiast, yet the complexity and quality of the automated setup means that this sub is capable of holding its own in a wide variety of different setups. Ultimately the ELAC sub was designed to match its own critically acclaimed ‘Debut’ line speakers, but its design and sheer functionality means it can be made to perform just as well even in strange company.  This extra ordinary level of functional flexibility makes this sub a great addition to any entry level or mid-range systems.  The ELAC S10EQ retails for RM 3,444.


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