VPI launches flagship Vanquish turntable system

VPI's flagship Vanquish turntable system comes with matching stand, powre supply and phono preamp.
VPI’s flagship Vanquish turntable system comes with matching stand, power supply and phono preamp.


VPI Industries has launched its flagship turntable called the Vanquish at the Capital Audiofest held from Nov 1-3 in Rockville, Maryland, USA.


From reports in parttimeaudiophile.com and stereonet.co.uk, the Vanquish comes with a purpose-built stand that houses the matching power supply and phono preamp, all in a striking ruby colour. The new Vanquish Phono Stage is evolved from VPI’s Voyager Phono stage.


The entire system is said to be priced from US$100,000 to US$120,000 and it comes with a 14-inch tonearm called the Vanquish Fatboy tonearm, which is VPI’s first 14” 3-D printed tonearm, and the buyer can choose between a unipivot or a gimbal bearing. The tonearm, which uses Nordost tonearm wire, is mounted to an all-new Vanquish layered-armboard (aluminum, acrylic, aluminum) and three tonearms can be set up.


The new state-of-the-art Vanquish Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable is an uber-refined version of the Bespoke (Limited) model — created by VPI founder Harry Weisfeld — known as The Vanquish, according to partimeaudiophile.com.


The Vanquish utilizes technological advancements and features developed for the HW-40 Direct-Drive model’s motor, but taken to an ultra-high-end level of cost-no-object design. Motion control circuitry/software, material study, and vibration isolation technology are based off refinements by VPI Engineer Mike Bettinger.



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