Wyred 4 Sound to make Bob Carver’s tube amps under licence

The Carver 2180 I integrated tube amp will be the first to be made under licence by Wyred 4 Sound and will be launched next month.
The Carver 2180i integrated tube amp will be the first Bob Carver design to be made under licence by Wyred 4 Sound and will be launched this month.


Wyred 4 Sound has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with the Bob Carver Corporation to make a complete range of tube amplifiers designed by Bob.


A new company called Glass Audio America LLC has been formed to manufacture the tube amps, it was announced on Jan 30.


Bob Carver is the legendary amplifier and speaker designer who has carved a reputation for himself with products like Phase Linear amplifiers in 1972 and Sunfire sub-woofers in 1994, which were small boxes but could pump out really low bass.


In a press statement EJ Sarmento, the President and Founder of Wyred 4 Sound, said he was pleased to announce the formation of Glass Audio America for the purposes of manufacturing a complete line of Vacuum Tube and other products under exclusive license from The Bob Carver Corporation.


Frank Malitz, the CEO of the Bob Carver Corporation, has been appointed Vice President / Director of Sales and Marketing (National and International) for the newly formed Glass Audio America.


Production of these new products will be in Sarmento’s newly expanded facilities in Astacadero, California. Frank Malitz will continue his base of operations in Chicago, Illinois.


Sarmento commented: “We are thrilled to be working with an Audio Legend whose pedigree needs no formal introduction. Bob’s designs are outstanding in every respect, and we pledge to manufacture and distribute these amazing new products under this exclusive license to the very best of our abilities and know-how.”


Malitz added: “I’m so thrilled that we were able to construct this deal with EJ and his team at Glass Audio America, LLC. This gives us a great foundation for the next chapter in Bob Carver’s legacy. The new designs look amazing and with EJ’s manufacturing expertise we will be able to deliver unparalleled price to performance products. We are all super excited.”


Founded in 2010, Wyred 4 Sound and its Sister Brands — Spread Spectrum Technologies and Carver (under recently acquired exclusively license via the Glass Audio America’s umbrella) will bring to the Industry a leading dynamic in new products and manufacturing technologies dedicated to the development and delivery of Made In America offerings covering several price points and product genres.


The first Carver tube amp to be made and marketed by Glass Audio America is the new Carver 2180i, a 180 watt per channel Integrated Amplifier to be introduced at the Florida Audio Expo which will be held from Feb 7-9 in Tampa, Florida.


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