British speaker brand EPOS bought by Karl-Heinz Fink

Karl-Heinz Fink is the new owner of Epos speakers.
Karl-Heinz Fink is the new owner of EPOS speakers.


In the latest exciting takeover in the hi-fi industry, British speaker manufacturer EPOS has been acquired by Karl-Heinz Fink, the founder of German firm Fink Audio Consulting which specializes in speaker design.


German website Fidelity-Online.De reported yesterday that Karl-Heinz “is very pleased to announce that he has concluded negotiations with Michael Creek to take over the brand name, IP, etc, of EPOS Loudspeakers with immediate effect”.


Karl-Heinz commented: “I’m happy to continue a well-established British brand that started its life with some great products, showing the unusual ideas of the founder, Robin Marshall. When he started EPOS, it was not just a brand like many others, but unique in many ways. Be prepared to see more unconventional ideas in our new EPOS loudspeakers.”



EPOS speakers will mow be made in Germany.
EPOS speakers will mow be made in Germany.


According to Fidelity-Online.De, EPOS will be run from Germany and the UK by the team of Fink and David Jefferys, who was once Sales Director at EPOS.


David commented: “EPOS was an important part of my experience in the hi-fi industry; excellent loudspeakers that were acknowledged as being very special. I am very pleased to be able to be involved in revitalising the brand with Karl-Heinz.”


The EPOS team are currently working on plans to introduce new loudspeakers.


Creek Audio, the previous owner of EPOS, will continue to be responsible for spares on all models produced by them as the owner of EPOS prior to 2020. They will also continue selling any stock still available on current models.


Former Epos owner, Mike Creek, said: “I am very happy to have placed the EPOS brand with a company who I know will honour the traditions of the brand.”


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