Shootout between iFi iDSD Diablo and micro iDSD Signature later this month

The iFi iDSD Diablo (left) and the micro iDSD Signature.

There will be a shootout between the iFi iDSD Diablo and the micro iDSD Signature at E1 Personal Audio Malaysia in Sungei Wang Plaza later this month.

The event will be held from 1pm to 6pm on Feb 18-21.

The iFi iDSD Diablo is iFi’s top of the range of portable/transportable DAC/amps while the micro iDSD Signature is iFi’s top-of-the-range desktop/transportable DAC and headphone amp. Both use two Burr-Brown DAC chips and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Both can handle PCM 768, DSD 512, 2xDXD and MQA.

As for the headphone amp function, the Diablo is surely more powerful.

COVID-19 safety SOPs apply and to book an appointment, please go to

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