Perfect Hi-Fi: Up to 50% off on Thorens turntables

The Thorens TD1601 will be yours for RM14,820.

Perfect Hi-Fi is having a year-end sale of its range of Thorens turntables.

The Thorens TD158 (normal price RM2,780) is going for RM1,668 (40% off).

The Thorens TD190 (normal price RM4,100) is going for RM2,050 (50% off).

The Thorens TD203 (normal price RM5,520) is going for RM2,760 (50% off).

The Thorens TD206 (normal price RM7,300) is going for RM3,850 (50% off).

The Thorens TD295 Mk4 (normal price RM6,100) is going for RM3,660 (40% off).

The Thorens TD1601 (normal price RM24,700) is going for RM14,820 (40% off).

Some are display items while others are new in the box.

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